Speech Therapy in Schools

Working with Schools

“The most fundamental life skill for children is the ability to communicate. It directly impacts on their ability to learn, to develop friendships and on their life chances.”
Communication skills are the foundation of learning and schools frequently request additional guidance for supporting pupils with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). We work with schools to help provide this and are currently directly commissioned by a range of local education settings covering Early Years, Primary and Secondary.


Working with school staff to ensure a shared understanding of SLCN and best practice whole school and teaching approaches.


Identifying pupils’ specific speech and language levels and priority areas for support.


Supporting school staff to deliver intervention packages and providing specialist intervention (‘therapy’) to children with high need.

How We Help

Around 10% of children have significant speech, language and communication needs. In some areas, particularly those with high levels of social deprivation, 50% or more children have lower than expected levels of speech and language on school entry.

We work with schools to;

Identify the pupils most at need.

Develop a range of interventions to improve pupils’ communication skills.

Help implement in-class adaptations to support children learn more easily and effectively.

Explore targeted and whole school approaches to improving children’s communication levels.

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“Chris provides outstanding input for us in regards to our strategic direction as a school, training for staff (whole team, group and individual), assessment and therapy for our children, advice and training for parents and evidence based intervention delivery. Our weekly support from Chris is constantly surprising; the well thought out and stimulating resources engage our hardest to reach children and his flexibility allows us to meet the growing needs of our children. Thank you for your unending support and inspiring us to deliver inclusive practice on a daily basis.”

Gemma, Inclusion Leader
“As a school we realised that a significant number of our children had barriers to learning through speech and language and we lacked much of the knowledge to overcome these barriers. We used Springboard Speech and Language for a few children at first and were so impressed by the progress of the children and our staff that their involvement has steadily increased. We find the therapists’ detailed assessments, weekly sessions with children and staff, and well prepared activities mean that targets are made and quickly achieved and sustained. Springboard also ensure that parents are consulted, well informed and involved, and they have also been delighted by the progress they have seen in their children’s language and therefore confidence. The therapists slot into the school so easily due to the ‘can do’ attitude of the company and their care and consideration for the children, parents and staff they work with.”

“Sally, the therapist that works with us, is amazing. The support and advice she has given to the school and parents has been invaluable, enabling those children with Speech and Language difficulties to make good progress and more importantly build their self-confidence and social skills as they begin to overcome their issues.”

Headteacher, Portsmouth